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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Friday, Nov. 28, 2014

Hi: 32
Lo: 23
Hi: 25
Lo: 14
Hi: 31
Lo: 29
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Reader's Blogs tagged with 'Money'

A Money Minefield

Monday November 25th, 2013 – Fox Lake, IL      If there’s anyone anywhere who is doing well financially, I’d like to meet them and shake their hand. It sure isn’t anyone in my circle of friends and contacts. Times are tight, and getting tighter by th...

Mental Wealth

Friday October 18th, 2013 – Chicago, IL    I’ve been reading quite a bit about acquiring wealth of late, diligently trying to figure out what it takes to achieve financial independence. This has been a perplexing puzzle, and a source of all kinds of pain in my life. I wo...

The Productivity Paradox

The Productivity Paradox – Comparing Innovations by Paul Winghart Would you rather be the only one with a motorcar in 2013 or the only one with a smart phone in 1913?  Assuming the entire current infrastructure is in place so your phone would work then as it does now, the question ge...

Richie 'Not So' Rich

  Dependency is a two way street. Specific individuals moving in different directions but traveling in the same 'vehicle'. Conflict and disillusioned to reality but speeding along anyway. In our own world there is someone who depends on another to spin the earth on it's axis. Whet...

The Money Tree

I recall a time in my youth when I would beg my parents to buy me candy or a toy. All kids open with the "pretty please with sugar on top." I thought I could make them cave eventually. Sometimes when mom was tired and my other siblings were loud she would give in. Mostly she would s...