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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Friday, Nov. 28, 2014

Hi: 32
Lo: 23
Hi: 25
Lo: 14
Hi: 31
Lo: 29
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Reader's Blogs tagged with 'Snow'

Snow Globe

Snow globes, transparent sphere in a delicate glass prison. Once false move the fragile contents can shatter in a sopping mess on the floor. So safe under the protective bubble. A cozy red brick house with tall trees and snow mounds. Cheerful figures with rosy cheeks. Fuzzy mittens and vivid f...

Rev. Ron reviews "The Colony"

I just have to assume that The Colony was made because some Canadian writers and filmmakers had some extra cash and time to waste in-between hockey games and other Canadian stereotypical being really nice.The Colony takes place in the not to distant future where mankind built ma...

Weather Advisory

Tuesday February 26th, 2013 – Fox Lake, IL    It snowed today, and that got me to thinking about how much something as random as weather can have a very real impact on someone’s business. I guess I’ve always known it, but it really hit home today as I was cleaning o...

Winter and the memory of niceness (Spring Snow)

With each passing winter I grow increasingly tired of the cold.  It has begun to get into my bones, chilling without release and so although we have officially made exit of this winter season there was something about our Spring winter storm surprise, yes I said it right, a Spring Winter S...

Snow Joke

Tuesday February 1st, 2011 - Fox Lake, IL   The white death is here. Snow-torious B.I.G. This is supposed to be the biggest, baddest blizzard of the new millennium, and it just might be true. I had to drive home in my 1983 Cadillac tonight and it felt like a toboggan ride most of the wa...

A Snow Plowed Crowd

Tuesday February 9th, 2010 - Chicago, IL   Just about the time I think I have this whole standup comedy thing figured out, I have a night like tonight and it blows me all the way back to the starting line again and I wonder why I ever started performing in the first place. When it&lsquo...

Snow Schmoe! We're OPEN!

Who doesn't want to get stuck in a restaurant in a snow storm? Seriously, free wifi and cheesy goodness, you can't lose at AJ Bombers today.   Plus, Breaking 3rd Ward news! Free Hot Chocolate! At Swig and Water Buffalo today! Snow Schmmoe! Come get snowed in with us!

Wally Dog Wishes His Dad Was a Chiropractor

So Wally Dog went out this morning without his Wally Dog Wear custom dog clothing fur coat and sure got cold quickly.  This is NOT weather for a bald three legged dog!He is wishing that Dad were a Chiropractor because he knows they’re gonna be busy and rolling in the dough.  That ...