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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Monday, Nov. 24, 2014

Hi: 42
Lo: 23
Hi: 29
Lo: 18
Hi: 32
Lo: 20
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Reader's Blogs tagged with 'football'

Unnecessary Roughness

Unnecessary Roughness is an illegal sports action.  In football it is where a player uses moves beyond what is needed to intercept or tackle another player.  I believe in working hard and collaboration to be successful. It seems I’m always left holding the ball. Where are my de...

It's Bigger Than The Super Bowl

The Packers are going to the Super Bowl! I can only look at this event from the frame of reference which is having had grown up in the small town of Manitowoc, thirty minutes outside of Green Bay. With that perspective this is an epic, unexpected turn of events that make Super Bowl Sunday a night...

The Big Ten's Big Bomb

I'm not here to talk about the new logo. No, I'm just going to gloss over the fact that the Big Ten Conference paid what was probably an excessive amount to have a graphic designer come back with block lettering and a G that kind of looks like a zero (they really made them earn that one).I'm go...

Response to Begel: Fantasy Football is Awesome

In the matter of the real world vs. fantasy football the Bench recognizes the defense. ME: Thank you your Honor. I realize that Dave Begel made some awfully compelling arguments in his usual fashion.BEGEL: Objection!Bench: Overruled. Proceed Counselor. ME: Well you see your Honor, Dave Begel like...

Flooded with emotions

The beads are brighter, the banners hanging all over the city seem vibrant, and the people’s laughter music to the ears. It’s hard to believe there is another city in America that represents the heartbeat of a nation struggling to survive, more than New Orleans.With the Haiti disaster...