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Three finalists named to Land the Big Gig

Published June 12, 2014

Milwaukee native Danny Gokey returns to the stage to host the third annual Land the Big Gig music competition, Thursday, June 26. The competing artists are Marie Wise-Hawkins, Doozy and Eagle Trace.


Summerfest grounds have a long history

Published July 1, 2013

For many, "going to the Lakefront" means the same thing as going to Summerfest. But the Henry Maier Festival Park has a lengthy history that precedes the Big Gig ... and looks much different than it did when the festival moved to the lakefront in 1970.


Who should be famous?

Published Jan. 5, 2012

Famous people get lots of publicity. That's partly why they are famous. The fame drives publicity and the publicity drives fame. But for every famous person in Milwaukee there are hundreds of other people, not famous, who do things that make this city a better place to live. They don't get recognition much beyond their own borders, but this is going to be an attempt to rectify that.


Ask OMC: Is anyone "good" playing Summerfest?

Published April 25, 2010

Although it most often comes from out-of-town friends, our query today is quite common in Milwaukee as spring turns into summer. People want to know if they should get excited about Summerfest. Our answer is "Of course," but we understand the subjective ramifications. Here is the lineup as we know it, so you can decide for yourself.

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