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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Friday, April 18, 2014

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Shooting pool with the doomed and going to the World Series on a school day

Published Sept. 23, 2013

I admit I initially wondered why Milwaukee's Kipp Friedman had written a memoir. But that's before I really knew the slightest thing about him. Thankfully, "Barracuda In the Attic: A Memoir by the Latest Member of a Comedic Dynasty," published in hardcover by Fantagraphics Books, makes it all quite clear.


"Larceny Games" author blows the whistle on pro sports

Published Sept. 18, 2013

At the minimum, a fair, honest and entertaining competition is all fans want from sports. We wouldn't watch if it wasn't fair. According to Kenosha-based author Brian Tuohy, however, that's not what fans are getting. In fact, after years of watching sports with a keen, critical - and some might argue cynical - eye, Tuohy has come to a troubling conclusion. Almost every sport you watch is a lie.


Full story about abducted dog comes to light in new book

Published July 12, 2013

Six months after her abducted dog, Briggs, was returned, Tricia O'Malley authored a book about the harrowing experience. She - along with Briggs and her other dog, Blue - will be at Boswell Books on Friday, July 12 at 7 p.m.


Book it! Authors share their Summerfest picks

Published June 24, 2013

Every year, the staff at offers up its picks for the best music on tap at Summerfest. This year, we added a different approach, asking some national authors who are visiting Milwaukee in the coming weeks to look at the schedule and tell us who, if they had their druthers, they'd be sure to catch at the Big Gig in 2013. And, hey, Pitbull, wanna co-write a book?


Our favorite shops

Published May 18, 2013

We all have our favorite bars and our favorite restaurants, our favorite parks and our favorite vistas. But, certainly, we shop and it follows that we have our favorite retailers, too. Here are some of our favorite shops, past and present.

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