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Another Pita Pit for Milwaukee

Published July 17, 2014

A Pita Pit will move into the space that was formerly a Quizno's, 229 E. Wisconsin Ave. This is the second Pita Pit to open in Milwaukee. The other is located at 2224 N. Farwell Ave. on Milwaukee's East Side.


Milwaukee Talks: John Axford

Published June 22, 2012

Milwaukee Brewers closer John Axford has done it all, having tended bar, cleared tables, sold data packages, started post-graduate work, starred in a music video and become a mustachioed folk hero. caught up with him as he still searches for his big screen big break, speaks about the city, education and the hardest drinks he ever had to make.


Milwaukee Talks: FOX 6 meteorologist Rob Haswell

Published Dec. 6, 2011

Rob Haswell didn't dream of being a meteorologist when he grew up. Rather, the Canadian native wanted to be a comedian, studying with Second City north of the border until he saw what life was like for a friend trying to make it in showbiz. So Haswell opted for "Plan B," a job in radio that eventually gave way to a career in TV meteorology that ultimately landed him in Milwaukee. We caught up with him in this latest Milwaukee Talks.

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Down Home Folk

Tuesday January 25th, 2011 - Somewhere At Sea   Two more rock solid shows tonight, a great way to end this run. These people were very friendly, and I had a way better time than I expected. No offense, when I heard I’d be on a ship based out of Galveston, TX I was concerned to say...

Caught On Tape

Monday August 23rd, 2010 - Somewhere near St. Thomas, Virgin Islands    Mr. Lucky caught a good break for a change, and I’ll take it. This could be exactly what I need to keep my job. I had one of my three shows recorded by the company tonight, and fortunately it went very well...

One Of A Grind

Wednesday October 8th 2008 - Carleton, MIBack on the road again and I can’t say I missed it. It looks like I’ve been totally cured of my severe case of wanderlust I’ve had since I was a kid. It used to be I couldn’t wait to go anywhere and everywhere. Now I want to find a ...

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