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Featured bartender: Rumor's Rollie Flasch

Published Sept. 12, 2013

Rollie Flasch, 30, started his bartending life at Cans on Milwaukee's East Side. Today, he's at Rumor in the Third Ward. He's also an avid biker and a voice for the "Zero in Wisconsin" campaign.


Recycling cans: worth the effort?

Published Sept. 8, 2012

After 17 months of can collecting,'s Molly Snyder recycled aluminum for the first time at a Walker's Point scrap yard. Here's the low-down on the experience which answers questions like how much does aluminum go for these days and is it really worth the effort?


Crawling around the East Side music scene

Published June 6, 2011

As Milwaukee gets ready to (Summer) Fest, you can get a jump on the Big Gig by checking out more than a dozen local bands in their natural year-'round habitat. The East Side Music Crawl features 15 local bands at 15 bars.


Milwaukee's best hookup bar, 2011: Victor's

Published Feb. 9, 2011

Victor's reputation for having an extremely motivated clientele gave it the top position for bars to seek out when looking to engage in positions of another sort.

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