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Three things former residents miss about Milwaukee

Published Jan. 13, 2014

Focusing on the positive, because it's a fresh New Year and all, here are the top three things numerous ex-pats miss about Milwaukee - along with a thing or two they don't yearn for.


Social Circle: Were you surprised by the election results?

Published Nov. 11, 2012

Whether you are pleased or displeased with the results of the elections, they are over and it's time to move forward. For closure, had to ask the Social Circle one last question: were you surprised by the outcome of any of the elections.


Fitness Buffet: Good old-fashioned core workouts

Published March 28, 2005

The worst part about dropping bad habits and adopting new ones is getting started. And if you just can't seem to hop the hairy hurdle of a sedentary lifestyle, maybe it's time to turn to the experts. Andrea Dow, a local fitness guru, has a few tips.


Milwaukee's MacGregor was Rocky Mountain pioneer

Published Oct. 19, 2004

Alexander MacGregor, who was raised in Milwaukee and served as a newspaper publisher in Oconomowoc, helped fight off a land grab by an Irish lord in the Rocky Mountains and served as a pioneer in the area.

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Rattlesnake Kate

Day 8   July 2, 2010 GREELEY, Colorado - One of the gems of Greeley, Colorado is the Greeley Museum.Located off 8th Street the museum features a tremendous collection of history including a fragment of a noose from 1888 used in the cities only lynching, a three-foot-tall silve...

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