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CreativeMornings offers connection, inspiration and digestion

Published Nov. 28, 2014

In 2008, New York City's Tina Roth Eisenberg decided to launch a free, open-to-everyone series offering breakfast and a lecture on a creative topic one Friday a month. The simple concept, called CreativeMornings, is now active in more than 100 cities worldwide, including Milwaukee.


Indulging our inner artist in 2010

Published Jan. 9, 2010

It's a new year with new goals hanging above our heads. We've all got a creative side, somewhere. This is how we're indulging ours in 2010. What about you?

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The Pendulum Of Momentum

Sunday August 4th, 2013 – Fox Lake, IL    A maddening part of the creative process is the constantly swinging pendulum of momentum a creative person has to endure. Sometimes we feel like we’ll design the cure for cancer but others we feel like sucking a bullet. These swin...

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