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A fable about three boys, a fancy lemonade stand and a village of dummies

Published June 19, 2015

Three boys went into their piggy banks and decided they wanted to build a great lemonade stand. They had a great recipe and wanted their new stand to be the pride and joy of a new village. But the new village wouldn't help them so the boys moved to another village with nicer people.

Onmilwaukeerants110808_storyflow rants: Nov. 8, 2008

Published Nov. 9, 2008

The editors of are generally pretty upbeat, but once in a while they need to vent. In this latest segment of " rants," the editors go off on early Christmas decorations, iPhone shortcomings, restaurants closed on Sundays and more.

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How Obama Blew It

Most observers agree that  the October 3  "Presidential Debate"  was "won" by Mitt Romney, and they are right.President Obama's big mistake was  to repeatedly denounce  Mitt  Romney's   "$5 trillion tax cut,"  which Romney deni...

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