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10 reasons why Donald Trump could be president (and 3 why he won't)

Published July 20, 2015

I laugh every time I see a new national poll that reports that Donald Trump is leading the GOP pack in the contest to be president. There's just something entertaining about a megalomaniac with a bad combover making the political and media elites break into a cold sweat. And his opponents take a big risk by underestimating his appeal. Here are 10 reasons why Trump could be president or at least the GOP nominee - and three reasons why he won't.


Stories of TV celebrities told in comic books

Published Feb. 15, 2013

The world of graphic novels and comic books are usually thought of as a vehicle to tell the tale of a super hero protecting the planet from the worst foes. Comics are also used to profile some of the most famous people in our society.


OnMedia: A joke of a news story

Published May 23, 2011

How many people actually thought there was some chance that an obscure radio preacher's claim of a Saturday evening "rapture"? Yet, how much hot air was expended talking about it? About as much as was expended on Donald Trump's "presidential campaign." ... Ricky Gervais backtracks a bit on his rip of "The Office." ... An early glimpse of Milwaukee in a clip from the upcoming "Transformers: Dark of the Moon."

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No Leakers

Thursday May 16th, 2013 – Fox Lake, IL    My grandfather told me the hardest challenge of all in life is to be both a success and a quality person. He said successful people often become corrupt and quality people often fail to become a success. It was basically an elongated ve...

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