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Death of Walker's presidential campaign more suicide than homicide

Published Sept. 24, 2015

Scott Walker's presidential run is dead. A lot of people think it was a homicide committed by Donald Trump, Ben Carson, voters who abandoned him and fundraisers who tightened their purse strings. I believe, though, that this wasn't a homicide but a suicide.


The race for president of the Delusional Party

Published Sept. 23, 2015

It's a truism in American politics that everyone believes the other side is completely nuts. Delusional. Certain about facts that just simply don't exist. This is a simplification, sure, but it's also kind of a meta-statement about a different serious problem in American politics, which is the myth of "balance," an insistence that "both sides do it." But both sides don't do it. The fact is that only one political party right now seems to exist in a world of fantasy and delusion.


Why Walker quit - and what he should do now

Published Sept. 21, 2015

To understand why Gov. Scott Walker suddenly dropped out of the presidential race tonight - in a five-minute, downcast news conference without questions - you only have to look back at what he did in the 2006 gubernatorial primary.

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