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6 Milwaukee restaurants loved or hated by diners

Published Oct. 1, 2015

Some local eateries seem to be more controversial than others, with written and word-of-mouth reviews that range from praising to bashing. Here are six restaurants that divide diners.


You can still eat out while on a diet

Published Oct. 3, 2013

I eat out a lot and I'm finding that if I just talk to my server I'm able to get things that taste wonderful and are wonderful for me. What a country we live in.


Let's split it

Published May 14, 2013

There's been a lot of travel in our family since March, which means the fridge is more of a barren cavern than stocked with it's usual bounty of healthy fare. So, by default and out of admitted laziness, we've been enjoying more meals "out," than are typical for us. So, how are we avoiding the major ouch in our pocketbook and around our waistlines? Well, we're splitting entrees.


"How's the ___?"

Published Oct. 10, 2012

Sometimes I'm absolutely amazed at how stupid I can be in a restaurant. I have no idea how many times I've asked a server a question that goes something like, "Is it good?" or "how's the (fill in the blank)?"

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Ristorante Bartolotta

 Has anyone been to this restaurant in Wauwatosa lately?I went for the first time last (Sunday) night with my boyfriend and it was terrible.   I had rigatoni and a caesar salad.  The salad was ok, the rigatoni was tasteless.  My boyfriend has a salad and the ravioli, whic...

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