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Transitional jobs program struggles to find eligible participants

Published Feb. 18, 2015

Jared Iles has been on a quest for employment since August of last year. But all the 44-year-old ex-offender has to show for his eager attitude is a stack of business cards from temp services that have not yielded any work. It would seem Iles has the ideal pedigree for Compete Milwaukee, a City of Milwaukee transitional jobs program, but he is childless, making him ineligible according to a Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service report.


My Milwaukee job hunt

Published May 7, 2014

I came to Milwaukee with a hugely inflated ego. I honestly thought, "They need me in Milwaukee!" So, here's an update on my job hunt so far.


So where are the jobs?

Published Nov. 7, 2011

That belief has been shaken to its very core and I've come to the conclusion that we might be a whole lot better off with almost no government at all.


Ald. Davis responds to Lowe's closing at Midtown Center

Published Sept. 21, 2009

Lowe's at Midtown Center in Milwaukee has closed. The store, located near 60th St. and Fond du Lac Ave., employed 107 people. Alderman Joe Davis, Sr., who represents the area has released a statement.


Let Bucks guard Charlie Bell do your job

Published July 28, 2009

Charlie Bell and the Bucks today announced a new contest where you can get the Bucks guard to do your job for you. That's right, let an NBAer do your work while you kick back and slack.

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Piles of red circled job classified ads sits on the table. Musty smell of old newspapers linger in the air. The computer has browsers opened to LinkedIn and local newspaper employment postings. Books about resumes and social media presence littered the living room. My head dizzy with tho...

Do Tax Cuts Create Jobs?

Republicans agree that cutting taxes (especially the top brackets) is the best way to stimulate job creation and thus reduce unemployment. But are they right? Let's consider three major sectors of employment: manufacturing, services and government. Manufacturing: Advances in automation and robo...

Milwaukee honoring its own

I'm fairly new to our fair city, and so many parts of the area excite me, but I have to say I'm more than a little amped at the upcoming week of events to honor those who work downtown. Sorry, I guess that's Downtown. I have enjoyed working and walking Downtown, we eat at the Waterfront D...

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