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Summerfest Day 6: Linkin Park

Published June 30, 2015

After country music invaded the Marcus Amphitheater for much of the first weekend of Summerfest, it's only fair that some rock music gets to roll onto the main stage. And that's exactly what's going to happen tonight as Linkin Park takes the spotlight as Day 6's main event.


One night with Paris: Inside Hilton's not so hot Summerfest DJ set

Published June 29, 2015

According to, well, herself, DJ Paris Hilton is one of the top paid DJs currently working. Unfortunately, much like the "Transformers" movies, her Summerfest set was one of those situations where the amount of the money involved was inversely proportionate to the amount of skill on display. Also like the "Transformers" films, it was loud, clunky, sporadically dull despite all of the noise, unnecessarily lengthy and, by the end, left me in a little bit of pain.


Martina McBride's music proves everlasting

Published June 29, 2015

Martina McBride's performance Sunday night at the Briggs & Stratton Big Backyard demonstrates why she is, and will always be, one of country's top and favorite female artists.


Walk The Moon launches a crazy Summerfest crowd into orbit

Published June 28, 2015

As clearly proved Saturday night at the U.S. Cellular Connection Stage, "Shut Up And Dance" pop rockers Walk The Moon can now draw a packed house. The only question: Would they put on a show worthy of the face painted mob they gathered? Most certainly.


Third Eye Blind provides a double shot of "Dopamine" and old hits

Published June 28, 2015

The '90s spawned the post-grunge era, with bands like Pearl Jam, 3 Doors Down, Stone Temple Pilots, Everclear, Bush, Creed and Garbage dotting the radio dial. Some bands faded out. Some bands reinvented themselves. Some bands remain relevant in today's music landscape. As far as I'm concerned, Third Eye Blind hasn't missed a beat since their first single hit the airwaves nearly 20 years ago - a point proven Saturday night at Summerfest.

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Do you know how lucky you are?!

For those of us who reside in the metro-Milwaukee area and love to complain about the sparse parking, the overnight parking restrictions, the higher cost of living and the traffic, I have a wake up call for you! Hey, I get it, small talk usually relates to something annoying - weath...

A Brady Street Festival Frenzy

I had never been to the Brady Street Fest, but after last Saturday's bash on Brady, I'll never miss another one. Down the city's most hip and diverse street in all of the land, the scene looked more like a brochure of "Visit New Orleans" than Milwaukee on Saturday. There was a sk...

How I spent opening day in the kids' area (and survived)

When I was younger, I didn't spend a lot of time at Summerfest. Or rather - I didn't spend a lot of time in the kids' area. By the time I started going to Summerfest, it was mostly to drag a very harassed parent to a stage for a band that I had to see. Unfortunately for me, the kids' area was s...

Juneteenth Not The Same Anymore

Back in the day as a kid, I enjoyed going to the Juneteenth festival in the 1980's.  It was not as crazy as it is now.You had your usual drunks talking nonsense when you walked past them. I remembered Juneteenth staying open until midnight.  Somewhere along the way, other people had to ...

Delafield - Close to it all. Far from expected.

Peaceful trails, pure lakes, trendy shopping & dining... As spring rolls into Wisconsin, bringing with it longer, sun-filled days, it's a great time to shake off winter with a visit to Delafield, Wisconsin. It's a welcoming city in an exquisite outdoor setting known as Lake Country, and just ...

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