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8 cozy Milwaukee bars

Published Nov. 20, 2015

Suddenly, the warm-and-comfy factor in bars is a big deal, and so OnMilwaukee stepped up and went out on a couple of windy, chilly nights last week to scout out some of the city's coziest bars.


Stuff I want, stuff I don't want

Published May 13, 2013

I'm an American and so, by definition, I am wired to want to buy stuff. And there's plenty of stuff I want to buy. Here are a couple of things that top my long list. As well as some stuff I don't want.


Get toasted at bars and eateries with fireplaces

Published Dec. 18, 2011

In winter, the warmth of a fire makes a good drinking buddy, and toasting -- or getting toasted -- in front of a fireplace is perfect on a blustery night. Here's a list of some great places to warm you inside and out.


Restaurants weather the end of the outdoor dining season

Published Oct. 20, 2010

Those of us mourning the end of T-shirt and shorts weather have to adjust to a lifestyle change. But restaurants that do a significant outdoor dining business in the summer have to change the way they operate when chilly days and cold nights chase autumn customers indoors.

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