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Ramp changes coming for Hoan Bridge

Published Dec. 4, 2014

Beginning on the evening of Dec. 12, the Jackson/Van Buren Street exit ramp from I-794 East will be closed until further notice. That means "for a long time."


Is the I-94 quick fix really working already?

Published April 12, 2013

For the folks who head out west on I-94 during rush hour each morning, that drive had to be a daily frustration. Those of us driving east could only look across the concrete barrier with sympathy. Could a quick fix - and one finished early, to boot - have corrected this problem?


Social Circle: What should write about next?

Published Nov. 3, 2011

The editors are always open to readers' story ideas and this week, they turn to members of the Social Circle to hear what they want to see on the site next. Feel free to contribute your article ideas, too!

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