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Boxer Harry Wills an inspiration every February

Published Feb. 2, 2013

Nowadays the groundhog and its accursed shadow get all the attention at this time of year, but back in the 1920s, 30s and 40s people knew it was February when Harry Wills became a shadow of his old self by not eating any food for the entire month.


Five great cold movies for hot summer days

Published July 10, 2012

I think we can agree that the recent heat wave that struck Wisconsin, as well as pretty much the entire country, was awful. "Ice Age: Continental Drift," the fourth installment of the animated series, hits theaters on Friday, but here are five other chilly movies that you can watch without having to leave the air-conditioned comfort of home for a second.


OnMedia: From the anchor desk to state politics

Published Jan. 29, 2010

You may remember Rebecca Kleefisch from her days on the Channel 12 anchor desk. These days, she's diving into state politics as a candidate for lieutenant governor ... Michael "heckuva job Brownie" Brown has gone from FEMA director in the days of Hurricane Katrina to talk radio ... And Bill Murray keeps reliving "Groundhog Day."



Published Aug. 22, 2009

Tomorrow morning, I'm heading up to Door County for my 16th annual "camping trip" with my best friend, Eron. I put it in quotes, because other than sleeping in a tent in Peninsula State Park, we're not really doing much camping. And I couldn't be more excited.

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Gound Hogs And Maggots

Wednesday February 2nd, 2011 - Fox Lake, IL   Time stands still. Millions of people got an unexpected day off today as an aftermath of the gargantuan blizzard that crippled much of the country. Business isn’t as usual, and it’s a stressful time across several time zones. Not...

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