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"Carrie: The Musical" is a dramatic horror story at Theatre Unchained

Published Oct. 11, 2014

Taking one of Stephen King's most chilling books - "Carrie" - and turning it into a musical has proven to be a difficult task for the world of big time theater. Now, the truth of that great book has emerged after endless rewrites and re-scores and re-re-re-how can we fix this. Just how good a musical they've ended up with was on joyous display Friday night when Theatre Unchained opened "Carrie: The Musical."


Laziness, loud noises haunt horror flick "The Quiet Ones"

Published April 30, 2014

In the pre-release hype for "The Quiet Ones," distributor Lionsgate tweeted that they used between 12 and 20 different processes in order to give parts of the movie the look of old, grainy 16mm film. Cute fun fact, though as one astute follower quickly noted, if they really wanted to create the look of 16mm film, they could've, you know, actually used 16mm film. It's a little factoid, but one that nicely captures the lack of commitment that plagues the whole movie.


"Billy Club" takes a stab at bringing the slasher movie back

Published Oct. 1, 2013

Like a bubbly, topless coed wandering around a dark house after having sex or the strong, handsome jock who recommends splitting up to his friends after they hear an eerie sound coming from ... somewhere, the slasher horror genre is seemingly doomed to die a bloody, painful death. Not if "Billy Club" and its writer-director tandem Drew Rosas and Nick Sommer have anything to say about it, though.


"You're Next," "The Conjuring" and the resurrection of horror

Published Sept. 13, 2013

Cut to the beginning of 2013, a simpler time when "srsly" was a phenomenally lazy misspelling rather than an actual Oxford-approved word and Colin Kaepernick had yet to haunt Packer fans' nightmares. Back then, I rang in the new year with a little countdown column about five film resolutions I had for myself. Some have gone well. Some ... less so. But one of my resolutions has earned a big, solid checkmark: See a good horror movie.

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