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Riley captures Wisconsin in "Mandatory Release"

Published Aug. 3, 2013

Take a maximum-security prison in northern Wisconsin. Throw in a seriously bitter paraplegic social worker, a Special Education teacher with a tragic past and the incestuous (but entertaining) workings of a small Midwestern town, and you've got Wisconsin author Jess Riley's latest novel, "Mandatory Release," a humorous but poignant account of how we move on from the crises that threaten to cripple us - literally or figuratively.


Kmart "Ships its Pants"

Published April 12, 2013

It's simple, effect and darn funny. The opening line is great, and unlike some spots it really doesn't take the gag too far. Kmart's new #shipmypants ad works.


ComedySportz appeals to kidz, too

Published Feb. 23, 2013

If live, interactive entertainment trumps screen watching in your book, take your kids to a ComedySportz kid-focused matinee on Saturdays at 3 p.m.


Silverman's "Jesus" mixes stand-up with musical interludes

Published Dec. 15, 2005

Whether or not you think comedienne Sarah Silverman's mix of ditzy racism, campy self-absorption and genitals-on-her-sleeve sexuality reflects the real Silverman is probably irrelevant when viewing her film, "Jesus Is Magic." Whether you find any of it funny is quite relevant.

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Rev. Ron reviews "The Croods"

Cavemen are always funny. That's a fact. I mean just look at the Geico commercials and subsequent series based on those fun loving caveme-wait, bad example. about the movie Quest for Fire? That film was filled with it wasn't. Unless you count cavemen rape and Ron Perlm...

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