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Disney's "The Lone Ranger" a runaway action, family film

Published Dec. 9, 2013

Go in with low expectations, and be treated with a fun ride of a film. "The Lone Ranger" is available on Blue-ray combo pack, Digital HD and On-Demand starting on Dec. 17 -- just in time for the Christmas season.


Commitment tattoos instead of rings?

Published Aug. 7, 2013

What are your thoughts on getting tattoos to symbolize your commitment to another person? Here are some people who went for it.


Hi-oh no, Silver: "The Lone Ranger" is a massive mess

Published July 3, 2013

Who is this movie for? Younger audiences likely have no interest in the old radio serial and TV character, much less even know who he is. And older audiences who do remember the old show likely have no interest in seeing a gritty modern reimagining of said character. Well, now that I've actually seen "The Lone Ranger," I can confirm that I still have no bloody idea who is supposed to enjoy this movie.


"Dark Shadows" a vampire tale sucked dry of life

Published May 11, 2012

After "Beetlejuice" and "Edward Scissorhands," Hollywood seemed to have found a fascinating visual mind in Tim Burton. Cut to 20 years later, and Burton's signature style is more sigh-inducing than surprising.

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Rev. Ron reviews "The Lone Ranger"

I like The Lone Ranger but have you heard of The Lone Rangers? They're awesome!During a time when the West was wild, a young, and hungry for justice, lawyer; John Reid (Armie Hammer-Arm and Hammer? Army Hammer?) joins his badass, gun-slinging brother in a posse to take down the notorious and vile...

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