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Stewart makes fine move from "Daily Show" to drama with "Rosewater"

Published Nov. 17, 2014

Much like Stewart's incredibly influential television show, "Rosewater" is about navigating through troubling political times, topics and outrages with lightness, humor and humanity. And for the most part, the funnyman does a respectable job with his first go-around, his familiarity with the melding of politics and humor mostly making up for his unfamiliarity with writing and directing for the big screen.


"The Daily Show" and the recall

Published Aug. 11, 2011

Jon Stewart spent substantial time covering Wisconsin's State Senate recall elections last night.


OnMedia: The governor gets up early for some television

Published June 21, 2011

Scott Walker does the early shift on CNBC. ... After losing his MSNBC gig, Keith Olbermann's old show is back on the little-watched Current TV, Al Gore's television project. ... The video of Jon Stewart on "Fox News Sunday."


OnMedia: This is what happens when your name is Weiner

Published June 3, 2011

Even Anthony Weiner admits he's been the target of cracks over the years, thanks to his name. But it's time to move on. ... NBC says the first run of "The Voice" will wrap up June 29. ... MTV has high hopes for the new version of "Teen Wolf." ... Jon Stewart is coming to the Riverside.

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