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Breaking down the Packers breakdown

Published Jan. 20, 2015

The Green Bay Packers had a 12-point lead with four minutes left on Sunday against a Seattle offense that, to that point, had not scored a touchdown and turned the ball over four times. After the punt, Russell Wilson and his minuscule quarterback rating had 3:52 to work try and score twice. So what happened?


Heartbreak in the Emerald City for Packers

Published Jan. 18, 2015

The Green Bay Packers looked like they were headed to Super Bowl XLIX by dominating the Seattle Seahawks for nearly all of the NFC Championship game Sunday in Seattle. Then, it all unraveled in just 44 seconds.


Seahawks only slightly better than Packers

Published Jan. 15, 2015

The chorus in the Green Bay Packers locker room after a divisional playoff victory over Dallas last week was that they are a better team than the one the Seattle Seahawks trounced in week one. That is true. But the Seahawks are different, too, and still better.


The ruling stands: Refs, Rodgers help Packers to NFC Championship

Published Jan. 11, 2015

The Green Bay Packers came back to beat the Dallas Cowboys with two late touchdowns Sunday at Lambeau Field to advance to the NFC Championship game. The victory was due in large part to one official review and the play of Aaron Rodgers.


Packers' young roster playing above its age

Published Jan. 7, 2015

At the start of the season, much was made of how young and home grown the Green Bay Packers roster was. But sometimes, numbers do lie. While the roster, on average, is young, it doesn't act that way. Nearly a third of it has a Super Bowl ring. And the younger players act, and play, like they've been there before.

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