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The kindest holiday story I've heard in years

Published Dec. 4, 2012

Menomonee Fall's Natali Heuss and her daughters, in honor of her birthday and for the holiday season, planned a Random Acts of Kindness Birthday Weekend. Heuss is a single mom battling cancer - but those details certainly didn't stop her.


Local "mompreneur" launches Baby Jack Blankets

Published Sept. 2, 2012

Kelley Legler is experiencing with her small business what she calls a "full circle moment." She started Baby Jack Blankets in 2009 and, although it has been a struggle at times, she is finally getting in the groove and seeing positive results. Read Kelley's story and enter to win a Baby Jack Blanket.


Online tarot class targets new moms

Published Feb. 15, 2012

Honing and trusting one's intuition can help a lot of new moms feel more confident about themselves and their relationship with their baby. With this in mind, Theresa Reed developed an online course called "Tarot for Brand New Moms."


Extreme Moms go the distance

Published Sept. 13, 2010

Last week, Sarah Minella rappelled down the side of the Hilton Milwaukee City Center, 509 W. Wisconsin Ave., as part of a fundraiser for the Special Olympics' called "Over the Edge." This adventure was the first of many for Minella, who recently started a group called Extreme Moms.

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Holding Hands

My son is almost two.  It is starting to become hard to remember life before him even though we were married 6 years before he entered our world.We used to come home from work, eat dinner and watch our favorite shows while multitasking on our laptops and phones. We had so much free time - we...


Kids love crutches. They always want to play with them and ask lots of questions. Most of the time my son Oliver has little interest in them, he is around them every day. He’s into trucks. He has pointed to my crutches and said “momma” so I know he gets that they are m...

I use crutches to walk. It may sound weird but I often forget. When I dream, I never have them. My body is strong. During the day it doesn't cross my mind until someone on the street, in the elevator or at the store asks how I broke my leg. That's my reality check that I'm not normal. Some days i...

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