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Gaze in horror upon the trailer for Netflix's "Fuller House"

Published Feb. 9, 2016

On the 26th day of the second month of the 2016th year, "Fuller House" will be unleashed upon the human species, and the world will know darkness and despair unlike any other. In the meantime, here's the first official footage of the rebooted sitcom.


Why Earl Avery's new comments might not matter

Published Feb. 4, 2016

Steven Avery's brother, Earl, gave a big interview to "Access Hollywood" this week that's being presented by the media as a big twist in the case. But Avery's comments are not shocking new evidence in the case.


My last word on Steven Avery

Published Feb. 3, 2016

I didn't even see the first "Making a Murderer" piece our columnist Jessica McBride submitted to us over the holidays last month. I only took notice when our site traffic jumped through the roof the Monday after New Year' Eve. It was time to publish our first OnMilwaukee book. "Rush To Judgment" came together in what I assume is a record time.


Stop making "Making a Murderer" merchandise

Published Jan. 15, 2016

Apparently, Brad Dassey's rap tribute to his incarcerated half-brother Brendan is just the tip of the "Making a Murderer" merchandise iceberg. The bizarre, creepy, horrifying merchandise iceberg.

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