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Three things former residents miss about Milwaukee

Published Jan. 13, 2014

Focusing on the positive, because it's a fresh New Year and all, here are the top three things numerous ex-pats miss about Milwaukee - along with a thing or two they don't yearn for.


My Netflix resolution

Published Jan. 3, 2014

I decided to make a resolution I can actually keep, which is to use and watch Netflix this winter. See y'all in the spring.


First Milwaukee New Year's a great one

Published Jan. 3, 2014

My two-year anniversary at is coming up in March, but I'm still finding new things to experience in and around Milwaukee, and "firsts" are always a lot of fun. I spent my first New Year's Eve in the Cream City this week, and it was a lot more fun than I expected.

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Bring It!

I recently began the P90X exercise program. I did so many push -ups yesterday that it hurts a little to type.For those who are not late night infomercial fans, P90X is an intense exercise program offered by a company called Beachbody. You do everything in the comfort of your own home and are ...

Happy Old Year!

On the cusp of a new year yet it still hinges on the old. Many embrace it with resolutions and cheer. I always have moments of melancholy with a sip of champagne. Somehow the concoction leaves the stomach jumbled up and in knots.My family's New Year's Eve consisted of eating junky and fat...

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