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Snow is on the way, and there's a name for it

Published Oct. 4, 2012

There is a huge storm brewing, and it's not outside. Rather, it's between TV meteorologists. The Weather Channel has announced its intentions to start naming winter storms, much like hurricanes carry names now.


When watchdog journalism attacks

Published June 21, 2012

Today we're going to take a look at the incredible war the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is waging against the police chief of the City of Milwaukee, along with a couple of other examples of why this paper has fallen so far, so fast.


Wainscott is a winner

Published May 23, 2012

A very wise man named Newton Minnow once called television a "vast wasteland" and I've always pretty much agreed with him when it comes to local television news. But today I've got to take my hat off to Kent Wainscott of Channel 12.

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The 40 of 40: Day 30 - A Rant

OK, one of the things that comes with age (I guess) is an intolerance for stupidity.  Remember your parents talking about that loud rock n roll music, or kids playing on their lawn.  That was never going to be me... alas...So, this morning, TV news went crazy when a police officer was s...

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