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Social Circle: Where is the common ground between Milwaukeeans?

Published Nov. 9, 2014

The elections are over and Milwaukeeans are deeply divided on their thoughts and feelings about the outcome. However, there has to be a common ground between those who identify as Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, anarchists or anything else. Right?


Might we miss winter?

Published April 17, 2014

Even though, it seems, half of my Facebook friends are photographing their naked feet on a Florida beach, I am OK ice skating during spring break. Mostly.

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Don't Bank on It

Once again our Secretary of State is trying to settle the Israel-Arab dispute by creatng a State of Palestine in the West Bank .  Although the Palestinian negotiators also purport to represent the people of Gaza,  the inconvenient truth is that Gaza is governed by Hamas, which opposes a...

Democracy: Path to Peace?

Philosopher Immanuel Kant once wrote that  the majority of people would never go to war, except in self-defense.  If so, an increase in democracy should lead to a more peaceful world.  President Woodrow Wilson made this principle a key goal in World War I.The history of the past ce...

40 of 40: Day 39

"All we are saying is give peace a chance."I woke this morning to the news that a sitting US President, Barack Obama, has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize - a surprise to everyone, including the President.As to not seem overly biased, I posted the story from FOX News on my Facebook pa...

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