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No shirt, no shoes, no booze: Dress codes in Milwaukee bars

Published Feb. 11, 2013

For most of us, dress codes are a horrible memory from parochial school. Once you're an adult, you don't generally have people telling you what you can and cannot wear in your free time.But there are a surprising number of bars and clubs in the Milwaukee area that enforce dress codes - and they might not be the ones that come to mind when you think of "dressing up."


Featured bartender: Foundation's Ed Makowski

Published Feb. 5, 2013

Ed Makowski has worked at Foundation, Riverwest's punk rock skater hangout turned breathtaking tiki bar, for eight years. Makowski is also a poet who published two collections of poetry and served as The Pfister Narrator from November 2011 to April 2012.


10 great romanesque buildings in Milwaukee

Published Aug. 18, 2012

Milwaukee has a "look" when it comes to architecture. For a lot of folks that look is the romanesque, and more specifically Richardsonian romanesque, a late 19th century architectural revival. Milwaukee has its share of extant romanesque treasures, many designed by Koch, a Richardson disciple. Here are 10 of them.


Fondue expands on a delicious rhyme at Blu

Published April 24, 2012

There's a rhyming thing that's been going on up on the 23rd floor of The Pfister Hotel. That's where you'll find Blu, which offers perhaps Downtown's best view and where the snack of choice was, until recently, the cashew. So, naturally, when the folks at Blu, wanted to bring you something new, they settled on fondue.

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