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7 Milwaukee food challenges to bust your gut

Published Oct. 24, 2016

Do you like to gorge? Do you like eating for free, or even getting paid to feed? Here are seven gratuitously excessive local food challenges for the bravest and most brainless devourers to fill their bodies - and in some cases their pockets - at Milwaukee restaurants.


10 must-have Milwaukee late-night eats

Published June 10, 2016

We've all been there: It's 1 a.m., you're just leaving the bars and it suddenly dawns on you that you haven't eaten anything since 3 p.m. Don't worry, there are plenty of good options available and here are just a few.


Five questions for Mike Doughty

Published Oct. 24, 2013

Former Soul Coughing frontman Mike Doughty's latest solo effort, "Circles Super Bon Bon," finds him revisiting some material that will be familiar to Soul Coughing fans. We talked to him about the record and about his upcoming visit to Milwaukee to perform Oct. 27 at Turner Hall Ballroom.


Disappointed by pizza delivery

Published Jan. 31, 2012

I can't remember the last time I ever got a delivered pizza that passed muster. Cold, soggy ... I can't begin to count the things that go wrong with delivered pizzas.


My unofficial, unsponsored, unsolicited "best of" food list

Published Oct. 17, 2011

By no means am I a "foodie." However, I do believe that I have a decent "working man's" palate and that I can easily discern between McDonald's and Kopp's. Since takes the month of October to discuss the many wonderful places to eat around Milwaukee, I'm going to do a completely unofficial and unendorsed blog about my favorite places.

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