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Pokemon cartoons are only a free app away

Published Feb. 14, 2013

The Pokemon Company released a new app for iPhones, iPods and Android devices that runs ad-free episodes for fans to relive their childhoods, or share the memories with the next generation.


"Pokemon 4 Ever" likely marks phenomenon's swan song

Published Oct. 17, 2002

Though not quite out of popular consciousness yet, the Pokemon phenomenon is well past salvaging, and this fourth movie is, like Pokemon in general, pleasant and forgettable. Think of it as future nostalgia.

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Coping strategies by Pokemon

My seven year-old son taught me some lessons about life the other day.  He was stuck in his Ninetendo DS Pokemon game outside the gates of Eterna city.  We had to collaborate on some potential problem-solving ideas to help him to find his next move.  It was through this exe...

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