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My pseudo-Christmas wish list

Published Dec. 12, 2012

After being tasked with putting together an actual wish list, I'm legitimately afraid of the death glare I'll get if I hand over my ultra-practical, completely un-whimsical list of stuff I want. So, I'm posting it here.


How do you teach young kids about giving?

Published Dec. 12, 2008

My kids are 5 and 6, and at this point, the holidays are about one thing: ripping open presents. They wholeheartedly still believe in Santa, and although they asked for a reasonable number of gifts, they only understand one side of the holiday coin: the receiving side.


Happy birthday to us, free stuff for you

Published Oct. 7, 2008 is celebrating 10 years in Milwaukee. And, beginning this Friday, Oct. 10 (get it?) we are giving you, our loyal readers, the presents.

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Ready for My Wrap Album

OK so this is a procrastination technique.  Plain and simple.  I have presents to wrap and got introspective...or that's my excuse right now anyhow.  I'm getting pensive and asking a lot of questions in my head about wrapping gifts as I'm doing it poorly--2 days before Santa arrive...

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