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Bucks name Feigin team president

Published Oct. 8, 2014

The Milwaukee Bucks announced the hiring of Peter Feigin as the team's new president, bringing the 44-year-old in from his position as the chief marketing and revenue officer of Deluxe Entertainment Services Group.


Milwaukeeans share stories from the day JFK died

Published Nov. 21, 2013

Fifty years ago tomorrow, President John F. Kennedy was fatally shot in Dallas. Here are the memories of numerous Milwaukeeans - including a few contributors - who are old enough to remember details from one of America's darkest days.


Wave names Sue Black president and CEO

Published Feb. 6, 2013

The Milwaukee Wave announced Wednesday afternoon that Sue Black, the former Milwaukee County Parks Director, will be the organization's president and CEO.


The President needs his Blackberry

Published Nov. 23, 2008

Should our next President have to give up his preferred mode of communication just because no one before him was an e-mailer and / or because of security threats?


Election reflections

Published Nov. 5, 2008

Now that the 2008 presidential election is officially in the books, America can begin its Wednesday morning quarterbacking. I'm personally ready start thinking about other things -- like, if it will snow this weekend -- but before I move on, I have a few closing reflections on this most historic of elections.

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Rev. Ron reviews "White House Down"

I wonder how many Tea Baggers hated this film because the President in the movie is black...and then claims that they don't hate it because they have plenty of black friends.The second of two White House take-over films, White House Down follows a U.S. Capitol police officer named Cale (Channing ...

Losing The Race

Monday January 21st, 2013 – Fox Lake, IL    Today is Martin Luther King Day, and that stirs up many thoughts from many people. Nobody wants to admit it, but race relations are no better today than they ever were. Sure, there may have been some half baked attempts made to smooth...

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