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Ramen party is a perfect pairing with Wisconsin winters

Published March 4, 2015

Ramen for a dinner party is an exciting and relatively inexpensive theme to craft a dinner party around. At its very basic it only requires a few veggies and a handful of noodles, but it has the ability to unfold possibilities like a flower. During a ramen party, there is something of a slow, orchestral build until suddenly the cymbals are crashing, the violin bows are fraying and the tubas are blasting fortissimo.


Our family recipes

Published Oct. 5, 2013

Whether you cook or like to be cooked for, there's no better comfort food than one passed down in your family from generation to generation. This Dining Month, we asked our own writers to contribute our family recipes. Here's what we came up with.


My not-so-famous guac recipe

Published May 2, 2012

When parties call for me to bring a dish to pass, I'm always the guy who brings chips and guacamole. And, even though I'm pretty late to the game, I tend to get compliments on my not very complicated recipe. Here it is.

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