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Adventure Rock opens new East Side location

Published June 18, 2016

Adventure Rock opened the doors of its brand new East Side location on Saturday, June 18. As early as 1 a.m., dedicated climbers were waiting in line to set first chalky fingers on the dozens of new climbing routes spread out over 16,000 square feet.


Bounce springs into second year

Published Feb. 1, 2015

It's been almost a year since Ryan Clancy and Becky Cooper-Clancy opened Bounce - the first indoor family entertainment center in the city of Milwaukee. With five children, the couple has figured out a thing or 12 about running a family business.


Fitness Buffet: Born and bread in Milwaukee

Published Feb. 28, 2005

Now serving Brew City something a little different, OMC's new Fitness Buffet will keep your body, mind and soul in shape with a biweekly dose of health. First up...Miltown was ranked 15th fittest city in the U.S. But do we fit the bill?

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Chilly Fun at the Gathering Waters Festival

I've been looking forward to this summer. I was hoping that being an intern, along with all of my other summer activities (as well as being about to enter my senior of college), I would be able to learn a lot of things about my city and hopefully, about myself. What have m...

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