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Questions, suspicions remain decades after iconic Samson's death

Published Nov. 18, 2012

Every zoo has a celebrity and those who grew up in Milwaukee during the '60s, '70s and '80s most likely remember our zoo's famous gorilla, Samson. The mystique of the iconic ape lives on through a recently written book of stories of Samson's caregiver and the memories of adults who question the gorilla's happiness.


Wild Milwaukee: 100 Cream City creatures

Published Sept. 6, 2012

Milwaukee is a city full of colorful characters. But, there's no shortage of unique individuals on four legs, either. Here are some of our favorite Milwaukee "animals" - some real, some fictional and some which are animals in name only ...


Washington Park Zoo has left nary a trace

Published May 29, 2011

Go there now and you'll barely see a trace of it remaining. Maybe a sweep of terrain, certainly a few footpaths that appear to follow the same route as they did a half century ago. No, there is almost no hint that the Washington Park Zoo ever even existed on the southwest corner of the park along Vliet Street.


Taxidermist's project is a labor of (Samson) love

Published Jan. 10, 2007

Seeing the "Samson Remembered" exhibit currently on view at the Milwaukee Public Museum, reminded me of how much he meant to Milwaukee and how much it says about Milwaukee's homey, almost small town vibe that everyone loved the local monkey, even though he struck terror in the hearts of many.

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