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Scott Walker forgot about the water and chased the whale

Published Sept. 28, 2015

"I forgot about the water and chased the whale," the song lyric goes, "the myth that prize is all there ought to be." Depending on how you define the whale, of course, then everybody is chasing it. Hillary and Jeb and Bernie and Trump and the rest all want to be president, sure. The question, though, is whether they mind the water along the way. Scott Walker clearly didn't.


Death of Walker's presidential campaign more suicide than homicide

Published Sept. 24, 2015

Scott Walker's presidential run is dead. A lot of people think it was a homicide committed by Donald Trump, Ben Carson, voters who abandoned him and fundraisers who tightened their purse strings. I believe, though, that this wasn't a homicide but a suicide.


Why Walker quit - and what he should do now

Published Sept. 21, 2015

To understand why Gov. Scott Walker suddenly dropped out of the presidential race tonight - in a five-minute, downcast news conference without questions - you only have to look back at what he did in the 2006 gubernatorial primary.


Trump lost by being boring and other GOP debate winners and losers

Published Sept. 17, 2015

This campaign season is completely crazy. It's impossible to predict the next narrative. For example: Who would have predicted that Donald Trump would lose - or at least not win - the debate Wednesday night by being boring? Here were the other winners, losers and in-betweens from last night's debate.

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Sleeping With Scott

I've been on several dates with Scott Walker recently, but we haven't actually slept together yet. Take one day last week for example.  After getting my daughter off to school, the dog walked and then bathed from the gritty spring thaw clinging to his underbelly, I drive down to a loc...

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