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Blistering Toronto Star article rips segregation in Milwaukee

Published Jan. 25, 2016

Milwaukee gets a lot of good ink and links nationally, but it's not all seashells and balloons, as former Marquette head coach Al McGuire might say. For example: a recent story in the Toronto Star serves as a blistering indictment of our racial segregation.


The NSFW "Judgmental Map of Milwaukee" makes the rounds again

Published Oct. 15, 2015

Last summer, Milwaukee received the Judgmental Map treatment, with a graphic of the city irreverently marking its various segregations and stereotypes. And apparently Milwaukee can't get enough of poking fun at its own glaring embarrassments because the map's been making the rounds yet again this week.


The harsh truth about progressive cities

Published Sept. 16, 2015

Madison, Minneapolis, Austin, Portland, San Francisco. These are America's most progressive, forward-thinking, open-minded and social-justice-focused cities. According to a report from Madison365, they also have the worst racial disparities in the nation and some of the worst racial segregation.


After four decades of fair housing, segregation still rules MKE streets

Published Jan. 6, 2015

After years of dealing with the violence and poverty that surrounded her and her family, Sytoria finally moved out of Milwaukee's central city. She found a nice, quiet and clean apartment in a safe suburban community, where she could keep the doors unlocked at night. But according to a report by Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service, the 30-year-old black child care worker who makes $10 an hour was in for a rude awakening.


Greater Together is Hanson's vivid, passionate dream

Published Oct. 9, 2014

Greater Together is a challenge to have people create and submit an idea to help address the problem of racial difficulties. It is a labor of love for local designer Ken Hanson, who has spent his own money funding the first year of Greater Together.

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