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Milwaukee Talks Race: Community Baptist Church's Demetrius Williams

Published Aug. 25, 2016

Demetrius Williams has three advanced theology degrees from Harvard Divinity School, saw racial struggles (and solutions) in Boston and has more than 30 years of ministerial experience. The pastor at Sherman Park's Community Baptist Church shared his thoughts on his neighborhood and race in Milwaukee.


10 big dreams that could help heal Milwaukee's racial divisions

Published Aug. 25, 2016

The ability to talk about race is behind the plan for OnMilwaukee's ongoing series of Milwaukee Talks: honest and frank discussions, unedited and focused on the issues of equality and justice. It's also the time for big dreams for the city.


Milwaukee Talks Race: Walnut Way's LaShawndra Vernon

Published Aug. 24, 2016

We spoke with Walnut Way executive director LaShawndra Vernon about Sherman Park, the institutional lever she's most focused on pulling in Milwaukee, false racial constructs and how hip-hop shows that, while culture isn't constrained by race, opportunity seems to be.


Introducing Milwaukee Talks Race: real conversations, different voices

Published Aug. 23, 2016

"Milwaukee Talks Race" is a series of in-depth and unfiltered Q&A-style interviews on, starting this week. It's a way to have the conversation we keep saying we need to have, hear new voices, gain different perspectives and, hopefully, offer a platform for potential to change our city.

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