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The real Tony Robinson

Published May 14, 2016

Some people have noted that Tony Terrell Robinson's death has forever changed the way that Madisonians think about race. Others have noted that it hasn't changed a damn thing. And then there's the big question, Madison365 reports: Who was Tony Robinson?


Black and blue: Living on both sides of the police/community debate

Published Oct. 26, 2015

Officer Lester Moore, who grew up around poverty in Houston, Texas, clearly lives in two worlds as a person of color and as a police officer who serves the Darbo/Worthington neighborhood in Madison. He can't help but see both sides of the current police/community debates.


Yet another column about yet another shooting in America

Published Oct. 6, 2015

It should be clear to everyone by now that no matter how many words I or anyone else - be they president, celebrity, parent of a dead child, parent of a mass shooter or random person on the street - spend talking about the insanity of this country's gun culture, nothing will change.


"Peace Officer" hunts for solutions to cop-civilian tensions

Published Oct. 3, 2015

William "Dub" Lawrence knows more about the current tensions between cops and citizens than most people - and from both sides of the debate. As former Utah sheriff, he helped create the state's first SWAT team in 1975, serving over 16,000 warrants without issue. 30 years later, that very team he helped bring to life would be responsible for his son-in-law's death. His story and ensuing investigation takes the spotlight in the doc "Peace Officer."

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