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16 movies to look forward to in 2016

Published Jan. 1, 2016

You thought 2015 was a good year for movies, with two record-breaking blockbusters and great movies big and small? 2016 has a ton to be excited about too, from Scorsese to Spielberg to "Suicide Squad" ... and those didn't even make this list!


2015 picks: Andy Tarnoff

Published Dec. 31, 2015

I had to wait until the final day of 2015 to write this recap, because I had a feeling that the movie I saw yesterday ("Star Wars") would be on this list. Sure enough, it was. So here goes another highly subjective look back into the year that was.


"The Force Awakens" isn't quite a new "Star Wars," but at least it's a good one

Published Dec. 18, 2015

Episode VII may not the completely new, fresh "Star Wars" we want - it plays a little more like the rock band reunion tour where it's just nice to see familiar faces play the old hits well - but at least it's a good "Star Wars," cozily reminding the audience why these movies became beloved in the first place.


Growing up in the golden age of action figures

Published Dec. 17, 2015

Not everything sucked when we were kids. I know this because my daughter plays with a bunch of the toys my parents saved from my childhood. As the new "Star Wars" opens this weekend, I'm reminded that we grew up in the golden age of action figures. Before video games and technology turned them into something else.

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