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Greater Milwaukee Golf Show returns to State Fair Park

Published Feb. 28, 2013

After a year in Franklin, the Greater Milwaukee Golf Show returns to State Fair Park to accommodate more visitors. The show is also offering new freebies for patrons, as well as new contests.


Latest phase takes us on a tour of Wisconsin burial mounds

Published March 11, 2012

My child's latest phase focuses on Native American culture and always eager to indulge these interests, we went looking for Indian mounds recently in Milwaukee and learned that though there were once many, just two remain in the county. Of course, we hopped into the car and visited them both.


Ask OMC: What's up with the Milwaukee Mile?

Published Aug. 8, 2010

In the "Ask OMC" series, we take your questions -- big or small -- and track down the answers. The question today comes from Mike, and it's definitely appropriate during the Wisconsin State Fair. The future of racing at the Milwaukee Mile is murky, at best. The only thing relatively certain is that public money will be needed in some fashion.


A guide to bars near Wisconsin State Fair Park

Published Aug. 7, 2010

It's an opportune time to list some of quirky little bars within walking distance of the Fair grounds. Check them out if you need a place to meet friends before or after the Fair or just a cool place to grab a refreshing beverage to wash down your food on a stick. All have character, charisma and comfort.


Disregard of weight restrictions led to bridge closure

Published March 26, 2010

The Department of Transportation ordered the northbound US 45 bridge in the Zoo Interchange closed Friday, after inspectors found that cracks mapped last fall have grown at an alarming rate. The deterioration, officials say, is due to a large number of trucks not observing posted weight limits in the interchange.

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