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2013 picks: Jeff Sherman

Published Dec. 28, 2013

2013 was another one of those great years. It was filled with events, stand-out people, cool new spaces and much more. Jeff Sherman's blocked out the "bad," and remembers the good with this edition of his annual year in review.


Einstein meets Picasso in Soulstice's schizophrenically funny "Lapin Agile"

Published Nov. 10, 2013

So two guys walk into a bar. One is named Albert Einstein. The other is named Pablo Picasso. If that sounds like a joke, that's because it is. In order to get to the punchline, you'll have to see "Picasso at the Lapin Agile," the Steve Martin play that opened over the weekend at Soulstice Theatre.


You are cordially invited to the five best movie weddings

Published April 23, 2013

While the big climactic wedding has become the romantic comedy cliché to end all clichés, some films have still managed to turn marital vows into movie magic. In honor of this weekend's "The Big Wedding," here are five cinematic weddings that are worth getting down on one knee and spending the rest of your life with - or at least a quiet Saturday night.


OnMedia: You'll need a special appetite for "El Bulli"

Published Sept. 26, 2011

If you're an aficionado of revolutionary chef, Ferran Adrià, the Milwaukee Film Festival's screening of "El Bulli" should be on your menu. ... The new season continues to roll out tonight on TV. ... Steve Martin challenges Alec Baldwin on the SNL season opener.

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Second Show Friday

Friday June 1st, 2012 – Chicago, IL    For those unaware - and apparently there are more than I thought – the one constant dread for a comedian is the late show on Friday. Is there a particular Friday of which I speak? No - it’s all of them. That’s the big hum...

Nothing Is 4 Ever

Sunday November 1st, 2009 - Pittsburgh, PA/Kenosha, WI   Well, the Purple Satan got his revenge on Green Bay. Big whoop-de-doo. I hope he’s finally happy, because apparently the blind worship of an entire state for 16 years wasn’t quite enough. He had to whine and suck his t...

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