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Milwaukee's best beer list, 2016

Published March 8, 2016

It only makes sense that a city that loves beer as much as Milwaukee would also play host to several bars with impressive beer lists. And for six years in a row, OnMilwaukee readers have determined that Sugar Maple has the finest beer list of them all.


Gleaning frothy wisdom from Alworth and his "Beer Bible"

Published Oct. 16, 2015

As simple as it might seem on the surface, there's a lot to know about the complex product that is beer. And no one seems to know the subject better than Jeff Alworth, author of the new, encyclopedic book, "The Beer Bible." As Alworth prepares to visit Sugar Maple for an event to launch his book here, we caught up with him to ask him about his favorites and about pairing beer with food.


Milwaukee's best bar for a first date, 2015

Published Feb. 16, 2015

Love has to start somewhere, right? So what's the best bar in the city to take a first date and perhaps start that romantic journey? Read on to find out!


Three local bars make's top 100

Published Jan. 8, 2015

Recently, named its top 100 beer bars in America. In the Midwest category, three Milwaukee bars were recognized for having a large selection of craft brew

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