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Taylor Swift at Summerfest? It's a possibility

Published Nov. 3, 2014

Taylor Swift has announced a major tour next year for her "1989" album. And there's a gaping hole in the itinerary that coincides nicely with Summerfest 2015.


Local fundraiser based on "Dancing with the Stars"

Published Jan. 28, 2014

The National Kidney Foundation of Wisconsin used dancing as the draw for its Spotlight on Life dinner that illuminated more than 2,000 children and adults waiting for a life-saving organ transplant in Wisconsin.


People we could do without

Published Jan. 3, 2013

Regular readers of this column know that periodically I write about people who should be famous for the stuff they do. They are generally unsung people who ought to be getting more attention for their work. Well, there's a flipside to all of that, as well. We'll call it people who we could really do without.


"The Lorax" fails to find a happy medium

Published March 2, 2012

With the country becoming more and more polarized, the upcoming release of "The Lorax" had the potential to take Dr. Seuss' famous kid-friendly environmental fable and turn it into an informative and entertaining tale about keeping all things in moderation. Yeah ... not so much.


Taylor Swift's sold-out show makes for one memorable night

Published June 9, 2011

When Taylor Swift burst onto the scene just a few short years ago and appeared to take over the top ranks of the music industry there was a lot of skepticism, but also a fair amount of open arms willing to embrace her country-pop style. Her sold-out concert last night in Milwaukee was a perfect blend of music, theater and cinema, combining for an unforgettable performance.

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