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Are American athletes soft?

Published July 22, 2014

The "Big Four" sports leagues in this country are increasingly expanding their brand and their reach, which draws interest and players from around the world. As a result, fewer Americans are finding roster spots (outside of football). Pro golf, tennis and soccer bypassed the U.S. long ago. So, are American athletes soft? Do they not have what it takes anymore to reach the top of their profession?


Vonn and Love join 1290 Martini Radio staff

Published Aug. 27, 2013

WZTI-AM 1290 Martini Radio, the station known for songs of yesteryear and today with velvet voices and jazz influences, is adding a couple of local hosts to its weekday lineup. Starting this week, Carol Vonn and Terry Love will be on the air.


Happy Birthday America: Your tennis players still suck

Published July 2, 2013

In tennis, there is only one American is in the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) top 20. There are five Americans in the top 15 of the World Golf Rankings, but non-Americans keep winning major tournaments way out of proportion to their numbers. What's happening to Americans in individual sports?


Women's UFC fight a disgrace

Published Feb. 26, 2013

It was one heck of a weekend for women in sports as the Daytona 500 and UFC had history-making performances by women. But, the fight between Ronda Rousey and Liz Carmouche pandered to our basest beliefs and was exploitative.


Tennis, anyone?

Published Aug. 1, 2012

Colorado's Tennis is the husband and wife team of Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley, and drummer James Barone, and on the trio's second disc, "Young and Old" the three create a sophisticated sugar-sweet pop that embraces everything from 1960s girl groups to 1980s New York soul and beyond. As Tennis prepares to hit Turner Hall on Aug. 2 to open for Sharon Van Etten - Milwaukee's own Yellow Ostrich is also on the bill - we asked Moore about the band, the record and their experience with Brew City.

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