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Social Circle: Thoughts on small plate dining?

Published Oct. 5, 2014

It's Dining Month on and so this week, Social Circlers were asked, aptly, a dining-related question regarding their thoughts on small plate / tapas dining.


The "hairy stockings" are just stupid

Published June 19, 2013

An image of a woman wearing "hairy leg stockings" went viral recently, first on Sibo Weibo - kind of like China's version of Twitter - and later on other social media platforms including Facebook. What do you think about these?


Girly Skrillex

Published June 18, 2013

Ever the Madonna-esque fashion chameleon, Lindsay takes the plunge and goes in for the trendy half-shorn Skrillex haircut.


Designer's leather goods find a (h(om)e) in the Milwaukee market

Published March 26, 2013

Using eco-conscious leathers obtained from the excess inventory of upholstery companies and tanneries, Heather Hambrecht creates one-of-a-kind pieces that adorn - and facilitate - the everyday life of an urban professional. The line includes - among other things - handbags, cross-body vests, modular garments and smaller accessories like wallets.

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