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6 reasons why more Wisconsinites are annoyed with Walker

Published April 20, 2015

More Wisconsinites are ticked off at Gov. Scott Walker than they were last year. That's what a new poll found a couple of days ago. True, it's only one poll. And a month is forever in politics. And some people might be annoyed at Walker but will still vote for him again down the road (depending on his opponents). But there's no question that the swing in support is significant, at least as a snapshot of now.


Criticizing sports fans is just sour grapes

Published April 7, 2015

In the overwhelming joy about the Badgers victory over Kentucky, there were a few threads that claimed it was silly to root while so much serious stuff was going on in the world. The people filling social media with such thoughts totally missed the point.


How Reagan set the template for Walker's war on universities

Published March 2, 2015

As the cliché goes, those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it. Or perhaps, Gov. Walker wants history to repeat itself. I suspect he does. It's the history of his idol, Ronald Reagan, that is illustrative here.


2015 predictions

Published Jan. 5, 2015

The Republicans in Wisconsin right now only have one thing to act as a rudder on their ambitions - Gov. Walker's presidential run. The ever political Walker will gauge every decision based on whether it helps or hinders him in a presidential primary. This could put him periodically at odds with the Republican majorities in the Legislature in 2015. Or it could just temper them. But I think the Republican instinct will be to eliminate old foes, targeting pots of liberal power where they still exist.

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