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YMCA files formal reorganization plan

Published Dec. 1, 2014

The YMCA of Metropolitan Milwaukee announced today that it has filed its formal plan of reorganization with the United States Bankruptcy Court.


Are the Packers too young?

Published Sept. 5, 2013

Green Bay Packers general manager Ted Thompson has done good job keeping the Packers from getting too old, but has he gone too far in the other direction?


A cautionary tale

Published May 30, 2013

Think of this as Dear Abby for a generation where it actually applies not just to a broken heart that wrote in for advice. I am not really an advice-giver but I've been so moved recently that I can't help offering my reaction to the last couple of months as a word of caution: take care of yourself.


Working toward a Youth Arts Center

Published Dec. 8, 2003

One could understand how the Milwaukee Youth Symphony and First Stage Children's Theater are literally, in concert, when it comes to the arts. Now, the organizations are in harmony with the future, and a new Youth Arts Center.


YPM kicks off in style

Published Aug. 16, 2001

A funny thing happens when you get 460 young professionals together in a room, let them hear a wonderful speaker and then feed them beer and brats afterwards. They get energized, start thinking and begin cultivating new relationships. They also begin to see their city in a whole new light.

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Back to the Past

This past weekend felt like I was back in high school and college. I had vacation hours to burn so I took Friday and Monday off. On Friday my friend and colleague *Maria asked me to go over to our friend and colleague named *Susan's house for happy hour. We sat outside and gossiped and drank ...

The Weathered Kite

Youth is fleeting and yet there is a lack of respect and willingness to hold on to it. At thirteen, dreams of proms, weddings and popularity send hopes sky high as if kites flying above. Romantic strings connecting and intertwining without a care in the world. Mismatched shapes and bright kites...

Porcelain Dolls

Mom used to collect porcelain dolls. It was after my parents divorced that she began buying this type of doll. The other explanation was that once no kids were around she didn't think "I can't have nice things." The fragile faces painted with creepy smiles. Piercing eyes that se...

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