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Cardinal Stritch University [edit]
6801 N. Yates Rd.
Milwaukee, WI 53217
(414) 410-4000
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Description [edit]
Founded in 1937, Cardinal Stritch University offers a vast curriculum aimed at expanding the mind in a comprehensive manner.
Upcoming events

July 14, 2016
Help My Life is Changing...

Help My Life is Changing is a life skills-building program to guide individuals through an inquiry process to evaluate their current life situation and chart out their next possible decisions and actions. The program is based on the presenter’s more than 20 years of mentoring adults as they face changes in their lives both personal and professional. The foundation of the program is the creation of a personal mission statement that serves as an active guide for a person’s present and future path. Through group discussions and intellectual and emotional exploration, participants will form plans for pragmatic next steps that are in agreement with their life’s mission and goals. This seminar will be offered through two 2-hour sessions and is designed for individuals of any age who are returning to the workforce, thinking of changing jobs, considering retirement or going through life-changing personal events.


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