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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Wednesday, Nov. 26, 2014

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In Sports Commentary

Monta Ellis and the Bucks have shown how balletic basketball can be. (PHOTO: David Bernacchi )

Jennings, Ellis prove it's a beautiful game

And they call soccer the beautiful game.

Watch along with me as I try to paint a picture of real, genuine, take-your-breath-away and make-you-look-to-the-heavens-in-wonder beauty.

It's a sunny Sunday afternoon outside. The second day of the weekend St. Patrick's celebration. Inside the BMO Harris Bradley Center there are people wearing green hair and green face paint.

For much of the game between the Milwaukee Bucks and Orlando Magic it seems like the green beer hangover is hanging over every head in the place. Desultory doesn't begin to describe it.

But then, in just six seconds, maybe a double blink of your eyelashes, the whole thing turned, as if on a whirling dime, and a charge of electricity roared through aging arena.

Let me set the scene.

There are just over four minutes left in the game, but the Bucks have been slowly creeping back into the game. Larry Sanders takes a great pass from Brandon Jennings and scores and is fouled. He makes the free throw and the Bucks are down, 101-97.

Now, watch this along with me.

Arron Afflalo brings the ball up the court. He's a tough guy to guard, tall and rangy and a real veteran. He's being guarded by Monta Ellis, who had been on a tear. Afflalo dribbles to the left side of the key and turns to back Ellis down. Ellis slaps at the ball and steals it.

He moves quickly two or three steps up the right side of the court and sees Jennings in the middle. With one hand he fires the ball to Jennings who moves up the middle.

Ellis moves the width of the court and finds himself just over the center line on the left hand side with a clear path to the basket.

Jennings sees the same thing and throws a perfect lead pass with his right hand to Ellis who takes the ball in stride, climbs into the rafters, lifts his right arm high into the air, the ball palmed tightly and already starting its downward journey and slams home a resounding dunk that shakes the rafters.

Just close your eyes and try to picture it. Steal! Boom. Boom and BOOM! All in just six seconds.

The crowd rises to its feet, almost as if one person. Jennings puts his finger in the air. Ellis points at Jennings.

The Bucks go on to win.

And they say soccer is the beautiful game.


brewcitypaul | March 19, 2013 at 2:18 p.m. (report)

I haven't seen a live quarter of basketball with such an offensive flurry since Jennings scored 55 points in Nov 2009....very glad I got tix to see this game as the 4th quarter made up for the previous 3 and got us the win. Very good crowd for a Sunday Noon game....I'd say there were 13,000 people on hand. Hopefully this sparks a new win streak.

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Photodavie | March 19, 2013 at 7:34 a.m. (report)

All 5,000 fans on hand cheered because the Bucks are an entire game above .500!!!! Yeah!!!!!! Go Bucks!

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